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SCCF Invitation Package

I designed the invitations for this 2011’s South Carolina Christian Foundation banquet. I really enjoyed working with such great clients and creating a piece I’m proud to put my name on.
Once you remove the sticker, the piece unfolds into a circle and houses a card with all of the details about the banquet. The circle signifies the idea of paying it forward. Funding charities and giving, so the charities can in turn give.


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I’m published

I have two projects featured in the new book by Rockport Publishers, 1000 More Greetings. The invitation I did for Keri and Carter and the poster I did for the Spartanburg Little Theatre’s production of Steel Magnolias made the cut. I’m happy to be included.

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Keri and Carter

Keri and Carter, a couple of my closest friends, asked me to design their wedding invitation. These two incredibly unique individuals required a wedding invitation that matched their personalities. The couple is full of life and have several different interests. I began my concepting by thinking of what makes Keri and Carter, Keri and Carter. Carter is a talented photographer and Keri loves to garden and eat healthy, homegrown food. They both enjoy riding bikes. I decided to use a combination of illustration and hand lettering to create images that represent them both as individuals and as a couple. Carter shot these photos for me as well.

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Jeslyn and Chris

Here’s an invite I designed for my little sister. The message that I wanted to convey was that everything that Jeslyn and Chris are as individuals comes together to form who they are as a couple. I began this project by asking the bride and groom to write out a list of 50 words that sum up their other half. I then hand lettered the majority of them and arranged them so that the negative space left would create their initials.

I printed the invitation 1/0 with an added foil stamp. I added a third color by using a rubber stamp and silver ink. For a last punch of color and texture I attached either a yellow ribbon or a black ribbon around the center of the piece. I also designed a custom stamp for the return address on the envelope that matches the invitation enclosed.

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Hunter and Ashley

Here’s an invitation I made for my friends Hunter and Ashley. It’s printed 2/0 with an added color via the ampersand stamp.

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Jeff and Delaine

Here’s the invitation I designed for my good friends Jeff and Delaine. Jeff is from Spartanburg and Delaine is from Charleston. The bride wanted something that represented Charleston and Spartanburg to be present in the invite. I wrote down several things that identify the two locations and I landed on a concept that hints at the history of the places. Charleston was once filled with numerous cotton plantations and Spartanburg was once a large textile town filled with countless mills around the area. The cotton boll represents Delaine and her natural beauty. Jeff is represented by the line pattern in the background which is a simplified form of the lines of thread stretched across the looms in the mills.

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