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3 more illustrations for your Friday


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Quote #4

This one uses existing typefaces, but I liked working with the shape of the shoe print.

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Greenville is getting an Apple store

My sources tell me Greenville is definitely getting an Apple store in the Haywood mall. It’s going to be right near the food court on the bottom floor. I’m seriously considering getting a part-time job when they open.

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Quote #3

This one is hand lettered

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Black Bears, Fish and Grits

here’s a few more of the illustrations from the book. enjoy.

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Another quote

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Nearly a Lumber Company

This is part of a series of typographic layouts I did for my cousin’s store to liven up the walls. The lettering in this one is hand drawn and the sayings are things that used to be heard around the family’s lumberyard. This one in particular is the way my grandad, Bebop, used to answer the phone instead of saying, “Neely’s lumber company.” They’re located in downtown Spartanburg if you want to see the artwork in person and if you need windows, doors or more, you should go by and see my cousin.

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Help Haiti Posters

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My favorite illustrations are the ones that make me laugh out loud as I’m drawing them.

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Addy Entries

Here’s an invitation I did for my friends Keri and Carter and a press kit for the very talented William F. Gibbs. You should check him out. He Rocks. And Keri and Carter are super cool too. 🙂

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