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Shadow Box Gift Ideas

A shadow box can make a really wonderful gift for a friend or loved one. Ink & Hammer Company has created a very unique way of dressing up the plain old shadow box. First, they will custom build a shadow box out of solid wood to the size you want and paint it the color you want, but more importantly, they screen print a personalized design on the glass of the shadow box. The design is printed on the inside of the shadow box so it is protected and won’t be damaged or scratched off. Screen printing also allows you to get a lot more detail than you can with cut out vinyl stickers. You can choose from a wide variety of designs and they will customize it with the information you provide. These would make a wonderful wedding gift, newborn gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift, or a gift just because. And who says it has to be a gift at all? Just buy one for yourself 🙂

If you’re looking for a great idea to wow someone special to you, then I highly recommend checking them out.



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Wedding Invitation

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the Shearling Point in Red


The Shearling Point is another well-designed resume in the Conservative Resumes collection from Loft Resumes. I like the minimal color accents and the crosshatching pattern.

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the New Yorker in Yellow

the New Yorker in Yellow

Loft Resumes

Here’s a second color option of the New Yorker. Clean layout and great typography.

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New Portfolio Images

Photos taken by Mr. Carter Tippins. Thanks buddy.

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I Don’t Care Bears

I’ve been exploring some ironic images. I want to hear some screamo music in the background.

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Goth Pooh

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Things Are Looking Up revisited

I decided to put some more work into this concept and make it a poster instead of a t-shirt. This is where I am currently. I think it’s done, but I’m not completely sold on it yet. Thoughts?

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Looking Up Wallpaper

Free. From me. To you.

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T-shirt Concept

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