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Typographic Posters

Here’s my tongue-in-cheek contribution to the type poster fad.


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Pecha Kucha Night Greenville

Here’s several logo concepts I submitted for the Greenville branch of Pecha Kucha Night. Pecha Kucha draws its name from the Japanese term for the sound of “chit chat” and is where different presenters show 20 different images for 20 seconds each. None of these were used, but it was a fun project and I’m happy with the results.

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BRC Designs

A friend and I just launched a new website this past weekend for our friend Ben Caldwell. I designed it, he built it. Here’s a couple of screen shots, but you should definitely check out the website for yourself. Especially if you like awesome furniture design. See it here.

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Jeslyn and Chris Lettering

Here’s the art from the top part of my sister’s wedding invitation. I’ll post pictures of the actual invite after I shoot them, but for now you can get a detailed look at the lettering. I didn’t hand letter everything here. But 80-90% of it. I drew the hearts in illustrator.

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Found Faces #5

So I was working in Photoshop, zoomed in really far, when I found this creepy skull/face image. Ugh.

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Found Faces #4

From the soy sauce, a face emerged.

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Found Faces #3

Send me your images of the faces you find and I’ll post them here with a link to your site.

Believe it or not, this was completely incidental. I love the mustache.

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