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FWA Posters

These are only concepts right now, but I think they’ll be produced. And the copy is written by Erin Ridgeway. She’s awesome.


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New Portfolio Images

Photos taken by Mr. Carter Tippins. Thanks buddy.

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Things Are Looking Up revisited

I decided to put some more work into this concept and make it a poster instead of a t-shirt. This is where I am currently. I think it’s done, but I’m not completely sold on it yet. Thoughts?

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Art is about interpretation

This is for Andrew and it’s just funny to me.

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Olly Moss Star Wars posters

I saw these posters by Olly Moss on Friday and really wanted to have them. I tried to buy them on Monday for $150 for the set, but all 350 sets sold out in about a minute. They were immediately on Ebay for $700-$800. Then I decided to try and buy them directly from the artist today for $500 for the set. They sold out in approximately 3 seconds. I expect the signed artists prints to go for about $1500-$2000 for the set. I just wanted to hang them on my wall.

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