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Even more dizzying

Working on some background patterns for a project.


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This is dizzying

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Accidental lettering

I was working on an experiment last night in illustrator and realized what I was working on looked a lot like a letterform. A few copies and minor tweaks brought me to here. I’m going to create the rest of the alphabet based on these letterforms.

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Found Faces 13-14

The side of a picnic table and a bees’ nest. It’s super eerie how much the bees’ nest looks like a human head. It also kind of looks like it could be a creature in a Peter Jackson film.

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Found Faces #12 Ol’ Badger Face

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Blast From the Past

Saw this awesome piece of work on I-26 on Sunday. It disappeared once it hit about 88mph.

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Found Faces 9-11

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Found Faces 6-8

Here’s some more. This first one is probably my favorite one so far.

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