Good Art is Hard to Find


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About This Here Site

Nothing special here. There is no legitimate process to what I post on this site. You’ll see things that I’ve created, things that amuse me or interest me, and things that I’m experimenting with. It’s just another dude’s free WordPress site. So let you’re expectations go and embrace the candidness. Or you can get the hell off my property.

Please follow me. I’ll be your bestie.


3 Responses

  1. allan branch says:

    Hi we’re looking to have a shirt designed to give away to our users at We’d like the concept to be around how it’s awesome to be an entrepreneur, business owner. Entrepreneurs are brave, confident, radicals, making waves for the future, they should be celebrated.

    Can you help?

    Allan Branch

  2. Rob K says:

    Hey, my fiancé and I love your work and would love to get your help designing our wedding invitation. Any chance you help?? Please email us

    • emorycash says:

      Hey Rob, sorry I’m just now getting back in touch. I don’t check the comments often on this blog. I’d like to see if we can work together, but I didn’t see an email address for you. Get in touch at emory(dot)cash(at)

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