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Found Faces #2

Here’s another little guy I found over at the Tippin’s house.


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Found Faces

Ever get that feeling you’re being watched? Yeah, me neither. Only super weird, paranoid people feel that way. But!, I often find faces in the environment around me. I find myself smiling right back at them and I often sketch characters based on them. So, I’m going to post these guys and girls whenever I find them. Here’s the first one. Enjoy.

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Pretty amazing.

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Freedom Weekend Aloft

Here’s an ad I art directed for last year’s Freedom Weekend Aloft festival. Erin Ridgeway and I worked on the concept for the headline. Not sure what we’ll do this year for it.

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Design By Humans Facebook contest

The guidelines of the contest are to submit customized images that would appear on Facebook if that person, or character, has not yet uploaded a photo. Here’s what normally shows up on Facebook,

and here’s my entries:

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More drawings from the book

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Oded Ezer

I always find this guys typography very inspiring. I like the experimental nature of it. It’s also cool to see such beautiful typography and have absolutely no idea what it says. It reminds me that you don’t always have to know the literal translation of something for it to speak to you. See more of his work here.

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It’s hard to be original

This idea entered my head several years ago to take a picture of myself everyday, and then to go back through them and watch myself change from day to day. Of course someone has already done it. More than one person has done it, but the example here is of Noah Kalina. I think my favorite part is watching his hair change, giving the appearance that he’s moving.

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More work in progress

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Posters in the making

Here’s two I created not too long ago. The first is a concert poster template for William F. Gibbs that has a place for location and time to be handwritten in. The second poster is just an experiment.

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