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Shadow Box Gift Ideas

A shadow box can make a really wonderful gift for a friend or loved one. Ink & Hammer Company has created a very unique way of dressing up the plain old shadow box. First, they will custom build a shadow box out of solid wood to the size you want and paint it the color you want, but more importantly, they screen print a personalized design on the glass of the shadow box. The design is printed on the inside of the shadow box so it is protected and won’t be damaged or scratched off. Screen printing also allows you to get a lot more detail than you can with cut out vinyl stickers. You can choose from a wide variety of designs and they will customize it with the information you provide. These would make a wonderful wedding gift, newborn gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift, or a gift just because. And who says it has to be a gift at all? Just buy one for yourself 🙂

If you’re looking for a great idea to wow someone special to you, then I highly recommend checking them out.



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Therefore, I wish I could

like an

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More art

I’ll post some of the finished drawings when I can.

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Invisible Creature S.A.S.E. Club

There’s a studio out in Seattle that I like a lot named Invisible Creature. They came up with this cool project where you send them a self addressed envelope inside another envelope adorned with original art. Then they send you lots of cool stuff inside your S.A.S.E. Here’s mine.

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Vote for the Birddog

Go here.

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Converge SE Art

Some of the guys involved with the Converge conference put on an art contest where the artists combine at least two animals. I had some illustrations at hand so i took them and created some new creatures.

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New shirt up for voting at Shirt.Woot

The task was to design a shirt that you would wear to an interview. Here’s mine. Go here to vote!

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Making of THE FIRE TONIGHT album cover

My friend Josh and I created THE FIRE TONIGHT’s new EP cover artwork with the help of several unique contributors. And our friend Chris documented it and made this awesome video.

Making the Cover – The Fire Tonight from Chris Bradley on Vimeo.

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Found Faces

Ever get that feeling you’re being watched? Yeah, me neither. Only super weird, paranoid people feel that way. But!, I often find faces in the environment around me. I find myself smiling right back at them and I often sketch characters based on them. So, I’m going to post these guys and girls whenever I find them. Here’s the first one. Enjoy.

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New Art

Here’s a couple of new pieces I created recently. They’re a mix of several mediums and are created on small pieces of birch plywood. I can see that the line between my design and art is getting blurred, but that’s just fine with me.

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