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SAGE Video

This is one of the most fun projects I worked on during my tenure with Jackson Marketing Group. It was a little daunting at first, but I had a blast working on it and I’m super happy with the end result. Props to Erin Ridgeway for working on the concept with me and for writing the copy. I art directed and the uber talented people at Photoelectric made it awesome. AND big thanks to SAGE Automative for being an awesome client as well.


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SCCF Invitation Package

I designed the invitations for this 2011’s South Carolina Christian Foundation banquet. I really enjoyed working with such great clients and creating a piece I’m proud to put my name on.
Once you remove the sticker, the piece unfolds into a circle and houses a card with all of the details about the banquet. The circle signifies the idea of paying it forward. Funding charities and giving, so the charities can in turn give.

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Logo WIP

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