Good Art is Hard to Find


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Really? I mean, REALLY?

I often seek out examples of smart design and advertising for a couple of reasons. The first being that I enjoy looking at it and appreciating the work. Secondly to be inspired in my own work. I come across bad work all the time. Sometimes it’s a good idea executed badly, like an executioner with a dull blade where it takes a few blows with the axe, but that head refuses to depart the body. Then there are other cases when the idea is sub-par, but the design and style are nice. Lastly, there are the examples where it’s a bad idea paired with terrible execution. This is what I’m featuring below. I plan to start collecting these prime examples of utter horror to remind me there’s a lifetime of work ahead of me. And, to know that if someone is paying for that kind of work, then my future is looking pretty bright. Like staring into the sun with a telescope bright. Enjoy the freak show.


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