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Here’s a little typography experiment. I’m not too sure what I’ll do with it but I would love to hear some feedback.


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7 Responses

  1. Taylor says:

    I like it a lot man.
    Very clever and well thought out concept.
    I kinda think it feels a little unfinished maybe. But I’m not sure why exactly.
    Do you have any other drafts of the concept?

  2. Taylor says:

    After reading my comment, I realized how ‘artsy nerdy’ it sounded.
    Sorry. 🙂

  3. Taylor says:

    And now I made a stupid smiley face.
    I’m stopping.

  4. graphipaintartographer says:

    Thanks tay, no other drafts of the concept. It was just a one-off idea I had. Something I wanted to get out of my head. I agree with you, that there seems to be something unfinished about it. But I’m ok with that for now.

  5. Rich says:

    I like this and would like to use it for some in-house publicity for a church event coming up! I’ve no idea if anyone will get this message, but I’d love to have permission to use the image…

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