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Up A Tree

Here is the drawing for the story titled ‘Up A Tree.’tree-for-blog


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  1. jane says:


    is your uncle a pastor who has also written other books? if so, i think i’ve worked on Furman stories about him and his former daughter in law (illustrator/artist) whose husband (your uncle’s son?) passed away at a very young age.

    if so, small world…

    saw your honeymoon photos on FB – beautiful!

    • graphipaintartographer says:

      Hey Jane, thanks for checking out the site. That would be my uncle, he’s the pastor at Morningside Baptist Church in Spartanburg and has authored several other books. I’m not sure if you have met him or talked with him in the process of working on the stories, but if you haven’t you should if you get the chance. He’s great. Agreed, small world. How is everything at Furman?

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