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Chapter One: A Good Mule Is Hard To Find.

Here is the illustration for the first chapter in the book appropriately located front and center, given the name of the book. I’ll go ahead and warn you, whoever you may be, that i do not claim to be a writer or have extensive knowledge of grammer remaining in the confines of my head. I’m sure my commas and other such punctuations will be misplaced and strewn in all sorts of places where they don’t belong. So there you go, be warned. Besides, i’m not trying to impress you with my writing skills or grammatical perfection, or lack thereof. That’s what the drawings are for. Without further rantings, i give you the mule, the star of our story.the mule


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2 Responses

  1. Annabeth says:

    this is great emory, mom told me you were illustrating for uncle kirk’s book. thanks for creating a site where we can keep up with all that’s going on with it. love the mule and the tree. can’t wait to see more. love you!!

  2. graphipaintartographer says:

    hey annabeth, thanks for taking a look. I’m going to try my best to keep it current and update it at least every couple of days. love you too! i loved the video of Bolt crawling, esp. the big eyes at the end.

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